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Wonders of Nature comes to you and is unlike
any other show you can hire.
Wonders of Nature is NOT a
lecture, it is a fun and fast paced show full of amazing
trained behaviors to illustrate and highlight the beautiful
natural world around us.
Beautiful raptors will fly inches above your head, a talking
parrot will make you belly laugh, a giant python will amaze
you and a flying squirrel will re-define the word "cute".
The show can be performed inside or outside - whatever you
prefer. We bring our own sound system and microphone.
Our philosophy in
show production is
that "learning is
taught, but caring is
caught". We don't try
to flood you with
useless facts, we let
the animals be
themselves with the
knowledge that you'll
fall in love with them. We think people that care about
animals will help keep the world as beautiful as it is now.
One lucky volunteer gets
to meet our sun conures
Recommendations for Hosting a Show
For school aged children, we strongly suggest 50 children or
less per show. The absolute upper limit for one show is 200.
The larger the space the better the show. Seeing an owl
gracefully gliding down from an oak tree is a different
experience than a 10 foot flight in a classroom.
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Nova, the eagle owl performs at our show
at Stone Mountain Park in 2009