St. Petersburg, FL - - (727) 527-2144
Matt Edmonds grew up in Kansas but fell in love with
Florida as a child while visiting his grandparents on
Clearwater Beach. The warm weather, ocean and exotic
animals fueled his infatuation. Somewhere around 1990,
Matt's love of science and
the joy of learning new
things began with the
viewing of "Cosmos" by
Carl Sagan. Carl's love of
nature and brilliant, yet
simple explanation's of the
world as described by
science taught Matt to
Wildlife education shows are a powerful way to pass on
the love of nature Matt feels on a daily basis. Matt is a
firm believer that humans are a natural, normal part of this
planet and that our rise to prominence is not "bad for the
Earth". Having said that, he strongly encourages everyone
to do their best to take care of our world. Please see the
What You Can Do page for easy ways to keep the world
as beautiful as it is.
Matt's hobbies are wildlife photography (he rarely leaves
home without his camera), playing the drums and riding
his motorcycle.
appreciate nature as a whole. Since then, Matt has never
focused too closely on any one part of nature, he has an
interest in everything from sub atomic particles to the
grand scale of the universe. His frustration? He knows he'll
never understand it all!
In 1991 Matt Moved to Florida to work at Lowry Park
Zoo in Tampa. While there, Matt discovered he had an
interest in training animals using operant conditioning. A
love for training led to a new carreer - wildlife education
shows. In January 2002, Matt started Wonders of Nature.